C3: DECODE ME(2019) C3: DECODE ME(2019)


C3: Decode me


Snake oil


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Your stomach grumbles. You haven’t yet had breakfast, and you can smell pizza coming from the living room. Following your nose, you find Sam lounging on the couch, chowing down on a freshly delivered pizza, and jumping to season 2 of The Leftovers on the Gromecast. Ugh, how many explanations will this take, but also, when did Sam get pizza?

“Whatever” you mumble to yourself as you open the box for a hot slice. Season 2 is where the show really steps up. Lifting up the pizza box lid, you notice three things: pineapple on the pizza, a cryptic sequence of characters written on the inside of the lid, and a tiny pizza slice-shaped thumb drive.

“Don’t eat the small slice,” Sam starts. “It’s no good.”

Upon closer inspection, you notice a few teeth marks on the thumb drive. Yikes. You snap a picture of the inside of the box, pocket the thumb drive, snag two slices, and leave the room right as Justin Theroux’s face pops up on the screen. Any longer, and you’d be stuck in the living room too, re-experiencing that great HBO content.

You run the pizza box through an OCR program and get the following piece of code as well as the following data on the thumb drive. Obviously, it’s okay for you to use strange thumb drives because you Know What You’re Doing™️.

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