C8: GO CIPHER(2019) C8: GO CIPHER(2019)


C8: Go cipher


Go ˖ not web


1000 (+200)


“Hey roomie!” Sam yells from the kitchen. “What do you think about these tweets? Pretty great, right?”

Just then your phone buzzes, and you see some scrambled nonsense.

“Sam, I can’t read what you’re sending.”

“Oh, dang, I found a Twilio demo. I think it must be doing some compression or something.”

Sam is still pretty stoked because getting computers to do anything is pretty sweet. They give you the original source tweets for the encrypted ones you received.

“Hey Sam, I think you forgot one.” There are five tweets, but you have six messages.

“Nope, I only sent you five.”

Huh. You go over to Sam’s computer and have a look at the program. Yikes. This is tough to reason about.

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