C7: LOCKBOX(2019) C7: LOCKBOX(2019)


C7: Lockbox


Go ˖ web


600 (+100)


You will need to run the following command before you can play this challenge:

docker run --rm -p 666:666 squarectf/lockbox


“Oh, boy, that scale one was a doozy,” you mumble to yourself as you open a window to let a bit of the fresh evening air in your living room. Just then, an owl flies through your window (scaring the bejesus out of you) and drops a postcard with a weathered image on one side, and a note saying “Happy 21st Birthday!” on the other. A moment later, another owl flies through and drops a lock box containing a microSD card as well as a note saying “I’m so sorry! The post card wasn’t supposed to be sent until next year, but since you have it anyways, you might as well see if you can break into it before it unlocks in 1 year! — Aunt Matilda.”

Upon opening the microSD card (why do you keep trusting all these strange objects?!), you find the following Go code.

See also

Work_at_Square(1), Privacy_policy(1), Code_of_conduct(1)

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