Security is QRyptous

Treasure hunt

10 points

Grace Hopper

Our operative at the Grace Hopper Conference was sniffing around outside the center when she noticed an exiting attendee drop a small piece of paper. She glimpsed a code on it--but before she could capture the paper, a leggy android hound pinned the paper down with one metal foot, scanned it with glowing eyes, then increased the intensity of its laser gaze, burned the paper to a crisp, and singed our operative's whiskers with a glare. We need to know what command code was on that paper. Can you find another copy in the conference?

Updated at 2017-10-04T21:37:55.000Z
We have discovered an error in that the solution to this challenge is actually publically available on the internet instead of restricted to GHC attendees. As a result, we are no longer making this a Grace Hopper challenge, and instead it has been downgraded to a Physical challenge. Scoring and leaderboard have been adjusted accordingly.