C10: 20.PL(2019) C10: 20.PL(2019)


C10: 20.pl


Perl ˖ cryptography




You plop down on the couch just as the series finale of The Leftovers is starting on the Gromecast. It looks like Sam hasn’t moved from their spot in hours. Good call. You start wrapping yourself in your favorite blanket and begin the process of becoming a human burrito. This. is. living.

Just as the opening credits finish, the show abruptly stops and some gibberish forming the number “20” takes over the screen accompanied by a chip tune rendition of “Happy Birthday”.

“This has been happening all eveningc Sam whines. “If I turn it off and on again that usually does the trick.“

“Wait!” you start before Sam gets to the Raspberry Pi. You un-burrito yourself, pull out your laptop, and SSH into the Raspberry Pi with the default login. In the home directory you find 20.pl along with an encrypted file. “Last puzzle and have the happiest of birthdays! — Aunt Matilda”

* * *

Off in the bathroom, your toothbrush starts going crazy again. Moments later, you hear a knock at the front door.

* * *

Thank you for playing — without you there’s no CTF! We would like to recognize everyone who has contributed to open source software as well as the beautiful people working at Amazon (cloud), Cloudflare, Docker, Github, Google (cloud), Heroku, and Slack. We rely heavily on open source software and cheap (sometimes even free) infrastructure from these companies to run our events.

This year’s puzzles were designed by:
Alyssa, Achintya, Mat, Roy, and Alok.

Logo artwork: Bushi.

First story writer (fired): Salvatore.
Second story writer (re-hired): Salvatore.
(check out his improv shows if you live close to San Francisco / Bay Area).

❤️ everyone who helped with testing, debugging, promotion, and prizes.

* * *

Be nice to each other. Read books. Brush your teeth. xoxoxo

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