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After an hour of explaining to your roommate Sam the difference between a “Chromecast” and a random piece of hardware that you should never plug in from outside, your throat gets a little dry. On the way to the kitchen, you pass by your digital picture frame. They rotate through pictures of the family vacations you’ve taken: you and your mom at Yosemite, you and your dad hiking in the Alps, you and your family on the Great Wall of China, and just your aunt Matilda with a piña colada on a beach.

Wait a second. You don’t remember taking that last photo. You would have remembered that last one. How did your aunt’s photo get on there? These picture frames run on SD cards, not WiFi, so the rogue Gromecast shouldn’t have affected it.

“Hey, Sam. Did you touch the digital picture frames?”
“No, but can I have my Gromecast back? I want to watch The Leftovers. I hear that show was super underrated.”

That show was underrated, but now’s not the time. You ignore Sam and pop out the SD card from its digital picture frame to have a look. Sure enough, next to all the photos you added is the new picture of your aunt on a beach along with a binary file.

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